Public NAT64 service

Getting started as end user:

  1. Read the terms of service.
  2. Configure your system to use these nameservers:
    • 2a00:1098:2c::1
    • 2a01:4f8:c2c:123f::1
    • 2a00:1098:2b::1
  3. Spread the word.

Yes, that is really everything you need to do!

If you are an advanced user, you may want to read more technical details.

Why I am providing this service for free

I believe that users who don't want to deal with IPv4 shouldn't have to. This service is part of my contribution to make it so. If you have IPv6 and don't want to hassle with IPv4 and NAT yourself, you are free to use my public NAT64 service.

The rental costs for the current hosting is quite affordable for me. If that becomes insufficient I will look for partnerships with transit providers who are able to make a little profit from carrying parts of the traffic.

If you are looking for hosting and want to help keep my costs for running this service down, consider checking out this Hetzner referral link. I won't receive any money from that, but I may receive a discount on the hosting costs I pay to keep this service running.